AM-004 Assault Rifle

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The series of newest replicas by Amoeba Airsoft is based on a well-known construction of AR assault rifles. These replicas, however, have been appropriately modified and upgraded with many construction details and interesting technical solutions, which not only increases its functionality but also raises the attractiveness of appearance. Due to its compact size AM-006 is very hand and ideal for operation during CQB scenarios.

The replica’s body is made from a reinforced nylon. The quality of used materials makes it difficult to recognize at first glance that this is in fact polymer, not metal. The body bears effectively looking markings, among others, the model, caliber, and Amoeba Airsoft logo. Metal parts include the outer barrel, thread cover, and small elements. The pistol grip is appropriately profiled and covered with rough, anti-slip texture, which provides a more sure and stable grip. The integration with the front forward grip improves maneuverability in CQB. The magazine release button was enlarged in order to ease the usage.

The battery is stored inside the upper part of the receiver. Access to the Hop-Up adjustment is gained in a traditional way for this type of construction – by pulling back the charging handle and revealing the shell ejector.

AM-004 features a top, 22mm RIS rail, which allows for attachment to the replica a wide array of additional accessories starting with optical sights and ending up with tactical flashlights. The replica has a set of fixed iron sights.

The outer barrel has a 14mm, right-hand thread with a silencer mounted on it.

Amoeba Airsoft replicas have the ability of quick spring release without having to disassemble the gearbox. The heart of the replica is a reinforced, slightly modified gearbox v.2 with an integrated EFCS – Electronic Firing Control System module. The module controls the operation of trigger mechanism causing smooth operation and shortening the motor’s reaction time to the pull of a trigger. A standard connector cube was replaced with an electronic system. EFCS also includes an in-built MOSFET system.

EFCS significantly prolongs the longevity of the mechanism and, as a result, of the entire replica. It also allows for use of high voltage batteries, including LiPo. After purchasing an external, dedicated EFCS programmer, the user has the ability to set the sequence of firing modes as well as burst (3 rounds).

The magazine included in the set is a hi-cap capable of holding 300 BBs. The magazine casing was made from steel.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

  • Replica
  • Magazine
  • User’s manual


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