Death Machine Mark 2


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The presented replica was made of metal and polymer reinforced with glass fiber. It has been perfectly fitted. The body, front grip, outer barrel, stock tube, iron sights, and the majority of small parts were made of metal. The stock and pistol grip were made of polymer. The muzzle was made of steel.

The replica is equipped with a telescopic stock with space for a battery. The stock is adjustable, so you can adjust the length of the carbine to the physique and preferences of a user. The pistol grip has been profiled to ensure the best fit to the hand. The flash hider is mounted on a 14mm left-hand thread.

Replica guarantees a muzzle velocity of ~ 410 FPS which makes it a highly effective tool for conducting operations on a medium range. The receiver RIS rail mount allows the attachment of various optical devices, while the multi-position stock with the compartment for the battery, allows the user to adjust it to his preferences. The set includes a set of folding flip-up sights.

Besides high-quality parts typical for G&G products, GB is equipped with an innovative ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) system that can easily perform a function of the standard switch assembly or a MOSFET unit. Thanks to this electronic system the replica offers an excellent trigger response. Each press of the button results in a full GB work cycle.

The ETU system allows a user to program fire modes. At the basic level, the has access to SAFE and SEMI modes. He can also choose between FULL AUTO and 3 round burst modes. Programming is very easy – just set the selector to the SEMI position and hold the trigger pressed for 10 seconds. After this procedure, the selected mode will start on the third selector setting.

The set does not include a battery and a charger.

The set includes

– replica
– magazine


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