ELAR MARK 18 MOD1 Assault Rifle Replica (Elite Version)


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ELAR MARK 18 MOD1 Assault Rifle Replica (Elite Version)

E&L Airsoft is known for the manufacture of realistic and indestructible replicas made from wood and steel. This time it presents something from the other side of the iron curtain. Replicas of American AR15 rifles are characteristic for, as expected of an E&L product, solid materials used, high quality of craftsmanship and reliability. AR15 series will definitely help E&L find many new fans on the airsoft market.

Elite version is characteristic for its more reasonable price range whilst maintaining all key features of the newest AR15 line by E&L. As such, we can find here all the best aspects like the use of aerospace aluminium 6061 in the production process of all the most important parts, CNC technology in the treatment process as well as the use of steel to cast the most vulnerable elements.

The replica was made entirely from metal, with the exception of elements such as the stock and pistol grip, which were made from polymer as in the live firearm original. The receiver, internal barrel and RIS hand guard were all made from 6061 aluminium using CNC machines. Steel parts also include front and rear sights, stock ring, mock bolt carrier, flash hider, shell ejection window flap as well as all manipulators such as the trigger or fire mode selector. Parts of the entire construction fit very well together and it gives a really solid impression. One that the user will not have to worry about even during most demanding of airsoft games.

The stick battery is stored inside the stock slide. At the top of the receiver and the hand guard is an array of RIS 22 mm mounting rails that enable the attachment of additional accessories to the replica. Access to the Hop-Up adjustment system is gained after pulling back the charging handle. Thanks to a new type of a chamber with a comfortable knob, the user can set the Hop-Up in a precise and lasting way. Small, but a noteworthy feature is the operational bolt-catch lever. The replica has a new type of SF telescopic stock with a refreshed design.

AR15 replicas by E&L are equipped with a specially designed, reinforced gearbox V2.It features a Quick Spring Release system that allows for rapid change of the main spring. It allows for quick adaptation of the replica’s power to the needs of the user via main spring exchange without the need to take out and open the gearbox and, as a result, the need to have access to a workshop or special tools. All that is necessary is to loosen the stock slide ring, unscrew the stock and remove the spring slide, which lasts literally several seconds!

What components exactly will we find inside ELITE E&L AR15?

– the new type, reinforced gearbox frame is mounted on four 7 mm ball bearings and 2 slide bearings, adapted to the Quick Spring Release system
– bearing-mounted spring slide QSR (Quick Spring Release)
– set of steel gears
– brass cylinder made with the use of precise CNC machines
– self-oiling piston
– steel spring slide

The set includes a steel, Mid-Cap magazine with a capacity of up to ~120 BBs.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

– replica
– magazine
– manual
 flip-up iron sights for a RIS rail
– 2 x rubber protective panel for a RIS rail


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