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WE Makarov pistol

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This time WE company offers a true soviet classic. The MK is a replica of a renowned, 9x18mm Makarov bullet, compact pistol. The replica was made with the utmost care for details. It is a practically “full metal” construction, only side grip linings have been made from polymer. The quality of finish and how perfectly and tightly all parts fit together can be notified and felt the moment the user takes the replica in his hand. Materials used in the construction make its weight resemble that of the live, original firearm.

Due to its ergonomic, profiled grip, the replica perfectly fits inside the user’s hand. Both the safety and slide release buttons are located on the left side, under the thumb. The magazine release button, however, has been placed on the bottom of the grip. The replica features a “double-action” trigger.

The set includes a metal, dedicated sound suppressor, which, as it so happens, can also serve as a cover for an internal barrel extension. Like the suppressor, the barrel extension can be mounted on a thread, which provides increased tightness and allows the replica to achieve increased range and muzzle velocity from ~220 FPS up to ~320 FPS!. Even with a mounted suppressor, the MK has a uniquely stylish appearance and retains comfortable maneuverability.

strong blow-back system allowed the creators to more closely resemble the experience of firing the replica to that of firing a live, original firearm. The system sets the slide in motion and pulls it back after each shot. When the last BB leaves the magazine, the slide remains in the pulled back position. This gives the replica an effect of a “kick” and significantly boosts the experience from firing it. In order to regulate the hop-up, one must remove the slide, which takes literally mere seconds. To do that, the trigger guard must be pulled down.

The replica comes with a metal magazine, which apart from storing a green gas container has a capacity of up to 17 BBs.

The set includes:

–          A replica
–          A magazine
–          A manual
–          An internal barrel extension
–          A suppressor


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