PP19 Bizon


PP19 Bizon Sub-Machine Gun

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Replica of PP-19 submachine gun manufactured by Cyma. Its archetype was a Russian machine gun designed in the early 90s on the basis of the popular AK rifle. Powered 9mm ammunition (7.62mm variant also existed: Bizon-2) submachine gun with compact dimensions was dedicated to the use of special forces and police units.

Replica is mostly is made of steel. Thus makes a solid impression, everything is also very well matched. The steel elements are: the entire body with the cover of the receiver, stock with lock, front grip, and fastening pins. Other metal parts, such as dummy lock, front sight base, or flash suppressor, were made from ZnAl. Pistol grip and magazine are made of reinforced plastic.

Stick type battery is located under the cover of the receiver – just like in AK-type replicas. The battery is included, so everything you need can be found in the box. The replica has a skeleton stock folding to the left. Also, there’s a “dovetail” side rail mount to attach dedicated optical sights or additional RIS rails. The outer barrel winds with a 14mm left-handed thread for suppressor installation.

The heart of the replica is a reliable gearbox v.3, which guarantees easy access to spare parts and tuning. Inside you will find a set of reinforced parts, including a born spring head and piston head, a set of steel gears, and steel 7mm bearings. The whole set is driven by a high torque motor.

Thanks to its compact dimensions and good balance, PP-19 Bizon works excellently during airsoft operations on medium and short distance, also in the CQB.

Characteristic tubular magazine is made from plastic, it”s mid-cap with a capacity of 200 BB”s.

Set includes:

– Replica
– Mid-Cap magazine


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