Tokyo Marui No.47 STRIKE Warrior .45 Gas Pistol


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This is paired with a Detonics 4.3 1911 Slide and Highly Polished Outer Barrel Set, creating an eye-catching, distinctive looks. The lower frame has been modified, with a Squared-off Trigger Guard and an extended Beavertail added to the Grip Safety. Running along the underside of the barrel is a 20mm RIS Rail for mounting Laser/Light Modules or any other 20mm compatible objects should you be so inclined. Like the Compensator, the Rail can also be removed, allowing you to Strip the pistol to clean it or adjust the Hop Up, but also offering the chance to revert your STIKE Warrior into a slightly less eccentric looking 1911. Underneath all the flash trim are standard, tried and tested Marui Gas Pistol Internals, which perform beautifully fresh from the box. The pistol features an ambidextrous Frame Safety which only functions once the weapon is cocked, in addition to the Grip Safety. Take an iconic work-horse of a pistol; embellish with all manner of unique cosmetic components; sprinkle in a little of Marui’s trademark reliability magic, et voila! A truly inspired make-over for the most iconic hand gun of the last 100 years.


  • Highly Unique Appearance, Modified Custom 1911
  • High Quality Tokyo Marui Build
  • Tried & Tested Marui design
  • Smooth Blowback System
  • Fixed Front, White Dot Style Iron Sight
  • Adjustable/Removable Rear ‘U’ / ‘Open Box’ Type Sight
  • Single Stack esign Slim Profile magazine
  • External Hammer
  • Underbarrel 20mm RIS Rail for Accessories
  • Adjustable Hop-Up System
  • Unique Cosmetic Components:
    • Strike Face Compensator (Removable)
    • Lower 20mm Rail, 7cm long (Removable)
    • Detonics 4.3 Style Slide
    • Extended Beavertail Grip
    • Hammer
    • Short-Stroke pattern Trigger
    • MEU Type Grips
    • Grip Magazine Extension
  • Branded:
  • ‘STRIKE .45 ‘
  • ‘Unique Serial Number
  • ‘CRG 1368’


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