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One of the most popular gases on the Asian airsoft market, appreciated by players from around the world, is now available in Europe! Its original formula guarantees high repeatability and stability of shots, due to that, the most demanding players, including professional AIPSC players, choose this product more often than other gases.

Manufactured in Europe, WE 2X High-Performance Premium Green Gas for powering airsoft replicas is the highest quality product that is characterized by excellent performance, and its refined composition as well as high pressure in the canister ensure a trouble-free operation of airsoft replicas and their all additional functions such as the Blowback system.

WE 2X gas is designed to power all types of green gas airsoft replicas, such as pistols, carbines, and grenades.

WE 2X gas was subjected to a series of tests that allowed for the development of the perfect mixture with an optimally selected admixture of silicone oil. Thanks to this, WE 2X gas not only assures smooth and easy operation of the replica mechanisms but also lubricates and maintains moving parts, increasing the life of components and guaranteeing untroubled work of the replica.

The innovative WE 2X gas formula makes it a multigrade gas that can be used in a wide range of ambient temperatures, even as low as 5°C.

The aluminum, matt WE 2X gas bottle is equipped with a plastic nozzle, which prevents damage to the seals and valves in the replica”s magazine during its filling.

The hologram sticker of the manufacturer placed on the bottle guarantees the originality of the gas. Thanks to that, reaching for WE 2X High-Performance Gas, we are sure that we are choosing a full-fledged, environmentally friendly product.

Main features:

– high level of performance
– operates in a wide temperature range
– operates at low temperatures (5°C)
– addition of silicone oil – prevents corrosion
– lubricates and maintains replica mechanisms
– environmentally friendly
– plastic nozzle
– manufacturer”s original hologram sticker
– made in Europe
– does not contain freons (CFC)

ATTENTION: due to the high power and high pressure, the manufacturer does not recommend using WE 2X gas to power replicas made of plastic.


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