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C1911A1 pistol [GGB0317TM-1]


A replica of the C1911A1 pistol, derived from the design designed in 1900 by John Browning. The lock, handle and internal parts are made of grayish metal, perfectly imitating the color of the anodized original, and the handle cladding is made of ABS. The gun is powered by green gas.


Reasonable muzzle velocity makes this replica an ideal choice for a sidearm, used indoors or at short distances. At the same time, the gas consumption is small compared to the higher power pistol replicas, which makes this replica economical to use.


As befits this line, the replica has two fuses – an adjustable wing and a grip, preventing accidental burnout by e.g. hooking the trigger on the holster. It is also equipped with a lanyard attachment. The mounted hop-up significantly improves the performance, and the blow back system gives both the shooter and observers a sense of realism.

  The kit includes:


– replica
– magazine


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